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Licensing authority statistics

Licensing authorities (LAs) have a statutory duty to provide us with specific information about gambling regulation in their area. 

We collate and analyse the information in order to helped LAs, and the government, understand the local and national landscape of gambling regulation. 

The LA statistics are published every September and they provide the latest information pertaining to the permits issued, temporary use notices issued, occasional use notices issued and the number of premises inspections conducted by local licensing authorities.

We work with LAs to maximise the efficiency of data collection and we provide year-on-year analysis of the data that LAs collect. This includes data relating to earlier returns that LAs submitted late. Consequently, the data provided in the latest report may differ from those previously published. 

Headline findings 2018 – 2019


Permits/Notifications for gambling activity currently active.

(-1.4% from March 2018)


Permits/Notifications for gambling activity issued this year.

(-37% from March 2018)


Inspections/visits of premises where gambling activity takes place conducted by licensing authorities. (+1% from March 2018)


Average number of inspections/visits of premises where gambling activity took place per licensing authority. (No change from March 2018)


Total number of licensing authorities which did not conduct any inspections/visits of premises. (-13% from March 2018)


Total test purchasing visits conducted by all licensing authorities.

(+77% from March 2018)


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