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Casino drop and win

Casino drop and win data shows the amount of money exchanged for chips in a casino (drop) and the amount retained by the casino (win). Monthly casino drop and win data covered casino games only (not gaming machines).

We published monthly drop and win data for premises-based (i.e. non-remote) casinos licensed in Great Britain until March 2020. After a consultation, we decided to stop collecting and publishing this data.

Casino drop and win data was classed as an Official Statistic.

After stopping this report, we compiled a time series data set combining all the drop and win data we had published into a single document. This report contains data from August 2006 until March 2020.

We have continued to collect casino drop and win data (via regulatory returns) on a quarterly basis. For the latest casino drop and win data, please refer to our Industry Statistics publications.

About this drop and win data

Gambling businesses provided premises-level data to us monthly. We collated and aggregated this data to produce a monthly industry-level report, with a regional split.

This data set is aimed primarily at those within the casino industry although it may also be of interest to international regulators, journalists, academic researchers, financial institutions, statisticians and local authorities.

About the casinos that provide the data

Casino drop and win data was provided voluntarily by licensed casinos. Not all operators provided this data, but typically the data covered 85% or more of casino premises.

The casinos in each region changed slightly over time as casinos opened and closed.

Some of the London casinos are referred to as ‘high-end’, this term was agreed following discussion with the casino trade associations.

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