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Gambling typologies

Typology 1 – Joy of the game

This is a moment when someone’s gambles because they love the feeling of it, the gamble itself is fun and thrilling and gambling can make other activities more enjoyable. The enjoyment of the gamble itself is the main focus, whilst money/winning is secondary. This enjoyment of the feeling of gambling creates an immediate emotional investment and enjoyment of the risk itself.

joy of the game        

Typology 2 – Wise choice

Those that are motivated to gamble by this typology have a bit of a routine to their gambling. They know what they are doing and believe that their knowledge of the game gives them an advantage and the confidence in the win. The main aim is to win money and the enjoyment of the gamble is not as important. These gambles are part of a familiar routine and details are confirmed by looking at form, conditions, odds etc.

wise choice

Typology 3 – For the banter

This is a motivation when people gamble with friends just for the banter, for example. on social media and have to prove that they know best. Bragging rights are far more important than the financial win itself. A win is the most important thing to the player and players strongly believe in their ability to predict the outcome and demonstrate knowledge.

 for the banter    

Typology 4 – To be social

This occurs when friends go out together to gamble, it’s something that everyone in the group likes doing and the activity sets up a really enjoyable way to spend time together. The opportunity to win money adds to the fun, but the activity is the main focus. Players have some knowledge of the game and confidence. Playing together increases the chances, but they recognise that you win some, you lose some.

 to be social       

Typology 5 – Passing the time

This moment is about someone having a bit of ‘me time’, it allows someone to switch off and get some down time. It can feel like a treat or it can be to fill a boring bit of a day, but it is essentially done to pass the time. Winning is desired whilst passing the time, although it is not essential to its enjoyment.

passing the time       

Typology 6 – Just what I do

Those that fall into this typology don’t really think about gambling as such, its just part of their routine, soemething they do with very little thought. Ultimately players believe in the distant possibility of a big win but can be disillusioned with the smaller wins.

just what I do      

Typology 7 – For the thrill of it

This is a an opportunity to gamble which may come along where someone just feels ‘lucky’. It feels like the stars have aligned and they just want to take a chance. Play is driven by the belief in the win, more than the desire to take part, however the activity must still feel fun. Players are also highly influenced in the moment.

for the thrill of it     

Typology 8 – Money to burn

This typology is for those that have already won money, have spare change in their pocket or been given free goes/spins/credit. It comes from the desire to turn something small or free into something bigger. It will happen when an activity that is already in a persons’ repertoire is triggered by having spare change/spins/credit/winnings to play with.

money to burn