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Other gambling-related statistics

Other government bodies produce gambling-related statistics which measure and report on aspects of the gambling market.

These include National Statistics produced by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and the Department for Digital, Media, Culture and Sport (DCMS). National Statistics are statistical products which have been assessed as fully compliant with the Code of Practice for Statistics.

UK Betting and Gaming Statistics (HMRC)

HMRC publishes monthly statistics on the 7 different gambling regimes it administers:

  • General Betting Duty (GBD)
  • Pool Betting Duty (PBD)
  • Lottery Duty
  • Gaming Duty
  • Bingo Duty
  • Remote Gaming Duty (RGD)
  • Machine Games Duty (MGD)

Included within this publication are monthly tax receipts statistics for all 7 regimes and monthly liabilities statistics for Machine Games Duty.

The publication is updated every six months.

UK Betting and Gaming Statistics

DCMS Sector Economic Estimates

DCMS publishes economic estimates on the contributions made by the cultural sector to the UK economy. These cover the following economic areas.

  • DCMS Sector Economic Estimates: Gross Value Added (GVA)
  • DCMS Sector Economic Estimates: Regional GVA
  • DCMS Sector Economic Estimates: Business Demographics
  • DCMS Sector Economic Estimates: Employment

Each report includes statistics from gambling in the UK.

These publications are each updated annually.

DCMS Sector Economic Estimates