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An insight into research on why people gamble

Published: 6 November 2020

In addition to our regular research programme, we also conduct in-depth consumer surveys to provide further insights into consumer behaviours and attitudes. This provides useful statistics about consumer gambling participation and problem gambling rates and trends.

In 2019 we commissioned the research agency 2CV to carry out a study into why people gamble, and their triggers to do so. Last year, we published results from the first phase of this work.

We are now publishing the second, larger scale, quantitative phase of the research which is a deeper study into how gambling fits into people’s lives – looking specifically at what triggers people’s gambling choices, particularly the impact of certain gambling moments or situations.​ This is based on a nationally representative sample of around 1,700 people in Great Britain who gamble. Overall, it will play a key role in informing the context for our work to reduce gambling harm and to develop further interventions.

The outcome of the research is available in presentation format. The document provides an overview of data and information on the survey methodology.

This piece of work is intended to be informative and spark conversation about how future developments in the gambling industry can deliver fairer and safer gambling.

Further to this, we are currently developing a number of blogs which set out the key themes of the research and we will be publishing these in the coming weeks.

We would welcome feedback on this research and would ask that you send any questions to askengagement@gamblingcommission.gov.uk