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New process for sending information to the Sports Betting Intelligence Unit

The Gambling Commission published amendments to the Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP) on 31 October 2020. The amendments incorporate changes to the conditions and codes relating to betting integrity. The main change impacts the way we expect operators to provide information to the Sports Betting Intelligence Unit (SBIU).    

The change is designed to make the process for sharing information more effective and less time consuming. Under the current system, information is sent to the SBIU in a number of different formats. This means that before any assessment can be made, the data has to be transcribed into a usable format, often requiring interactions with operators to obtain clarification on the data that has been provided.  

To streamline this process we have developed a new Excel template, which should now be used to send information to the SBIU. This sets out what information we need and the format in which it should be presented. The template was developed by SBIU over the last year, with extensive consultation with representatives from across the industry. This included a pilot exercise to test the process and discussions sessions with individual operators.  

We have produced guidance that explains why we need the data specified and defines the information required in each field.  

A copy of the template and the supporting guidance can be obtained by emailing the SBIU on  sbiu@gamblingcommission.gov.uk  

Please note; if you are currently using an older version of the template this will need to be replaced with the new version (Nov 2020)  

We understand that this may require operators to make changes to their reporting systems and this may take some time to implement. We expect operators to have undertaken the necessary steps to enable use of the template before the end of March 2021.  

We are also introducing a new way to send information to the SBIU, which will be rolled out to operators over the coming months. Citrix is an easy to use file sharing system which enables end-to-end encryption, providing an extra level of security when sharing sensitive information. A member of SBIU will be in touch with more details and will provide a user guide to help you navigate the system. We will confirm in a future e-bulletin when Citrix is fully live.