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Start date: 30 November 2015
End date: 21 March 2016


This consultation is now closed

Ensuring that category B gaming machines are only made available in accordance with the licensing objectives is a priority for us.

This consultation proposed amendments to our Licence conditions and codes of practice (LCCP) and Guidance to licensing authorities (GLA) to ensure the regulatory framework governing the availability of gaming machines remains effective. The consultation was held in order to:

  • restate the strict control of gaming machines under the Act, whereby entitlements vary dependent on the type of premises licence held
  • respond to calls from the industry and licensing authorities for greater clarity on our objectives, requirements and approach to licensing and compliance
  • propose proportionate and effective controls for ourselves and licensing authorities to use where appropriate.

As well as the written responses, we have taken account of comments made during stakeholder meetings and workshops held between December 2015 and March 2016. We have published our conclusions and the actions we have taken as a result in Controlling where gaming machines may be played: Amendments to licence conditions and codes of practice (LCCP) and Guidance to licensing authorities.

The changes are aimed at ensuring the policy objectives below are embedded consistently across the non-remote betting, bingo and casino sectors thereby ensuring higher stake and prize gaming machines are made available in a socially responsible manner.

The approach to enforcing these requirements will continue to provide operators with the flexibility required for them to determine how best they can deliver those outcomes within their own business:

  • with very few low-risk exceptions, gambling should be confined to dedicated gambling premises: casino, betting or bingo premises
  • distinctions between different types of licensed gambling premises are maintained
  • gambling activities are supervised appropriately within bingo, betting and casino premises
  • gaming machines must only be made available in combination with the non-remote gambling facilities named on the operating licence.

Individual responses to the consultation

Consultation on controlling where machines may be played