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Gaming machine manufacturing, maintenance, installation and repair

Information on supplying, installing, adapting, maintaining or repairing a gaming machine, and the appropriate licence you will need.

Published: 31 May 2021

Last updated: 30 June 2021

This version was printed or saved on: 25 May 2024

Online version: https://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/licensees-and-businesses/guide/gaming-machine-manufacturing-supply-maintenance-installation-and-repair


Warning It is an offence to supply, install, adapt, maintain or repair a gaming machine (or part of a gaming machine) without the appropriate operating licence.

However, gambling businesses with a licence or appropriate permit (issued by a local licensing authority) may carry out certain tasks in relation to the gaming machine, under limited circumstances.

If you do not have an appropriate permit or licence, you cannot carry out these activities.

Manufacture and supply of gaming machines

Warning It is an offence to manufacture or supply a gaming machine (fruit machine, slot machine) or part of a gaming machine (including software) without the appropriate licence.
'Supply' in this context includes selling a gaming machine.

This prohibition does not apply to parts of a gaming machine which do not affect game outcome (such as fuses, light bulbs and artwork) or part-exchanging a machine with a licensed supplier.

Maintenance and repair of gaming machines

Warning It is an offence to maintain or repair a gaming machine or part of a gaming machine (including software) without the appropriate licence.

There are certain maintenance and repair activities which may need to be carried out on a day-to-day basis, for which additional licences or permits are not required. These are activities which cannot affect the outcome of the game. For example:

Installation of gaming machines

Generally, where the installation is of a type which does not affect the outcome of the game, it may be carried out without a licence. For example, plugging in a network cable, or plugging a gaming machine into an electricity socket, would not require a licence.

The following activities however would require a licence:

If a technician is required to carry out an installation task, they must be licensed appropriately.

Adapting a gaming machine

All activities which adapt gaming machines require a licence, including:

What if I need to do something that requires a licence?

If you already hold a full operating licence which allows you to provide facilities for gaming machines, you may apply for a linked gambling software or supplier licence which is cheaper than a full technical operating licence. This will allow you to supply, install, adapt, maintain or repair your own gaming machines. The cost of carrying out these activities must not exceed £50,000 per year (inclusive of all costs such as wages, parts and other expenses). If this amount is exceeded, a gaming machine technical operating licence will be required. Read more about the types of licensing activities for the gaming machines and software sector.

If you collect gaming machines as a private individual and you want to supply, repair, install or maintain a single machine, you will require a single machine permit. Single machine permits will only be issued in very limited circumstances, and not for commercial reasons. There are limits as to how many single machine permits we will grant to an individual.

If you do not hold a full operating licence and your circumstances mean that a single machine permit is not appropriate, you may choose to contract someone who is licensed to provide the necessary services. Before doing so you should ensure that they are appropriately licensed by us.