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Facebook Operator Guide

This guide will inform operators about these controls and tools, helping them to implement campaigns responsibly, while helping to protect people who use our services.

Published: 1 April 2021

Last updated: 26 July 2023

This version was printed or saved on: 15 June 2024

Online version: https://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/licensees-and-businesses/guide/facebook-operator-guide

Overview: ## Responsible Gambling Advertising with Facebook.

What’s good for people is good for business.

Supporting and protecting at-risk and vulnerable people across Facebook’s apps and technologies is important to us. As such, we’ve made significant progress to expand our advertising controls.

Approving operators to advertise gambling on Facebook

Before advertising real money gaming on our platforms, operators must apply for written permission.

Our strict approval process includes:

Legal review
Operators are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

License Submission
Operators must submit copies of relevant, government approved licenses.

Operators must sign up to additional commitments, over and above our standard terms.

Operators may only target people over 18. If age restrictions are higher in targeted territories, advertisers must comply. Approved operators must only target territories they are approved to target.

Please review our gambling ads policy (opens in new tab) for more information.

Please note that in the UK, the operator is considered to be the license holder.

Operational Controls

These are the controls and tools your media teams can utilise across Facebook apps and technologies, to manage activity in a responsible manner.

Custom audience lists

Custom audiences enable you to connect with your most valuable audiences.

Inclusion target list
Speak to your existing customers while they are on the Facebook platform. When you upload your customer list in Ads Manager to create a Custom Audience, the information in your list is hashed before it’s sent to Facebook. This is done by using a cryptographic security method which turns the information in your customer list into randomized code. The process cannot be reversed. After your Custom Audience is created, the matched and unmatched hashed information is deleted.

Exclusion target list
Exclude known vulnerable users from seeing your advertising by uploading their identifiers and excluding them from targeting (as long as the platform can match a profile to them). We advise that clear and specific nomenclature is used to avoid any confusion between inclusion and exclusion lists by client advertising teams.

Read more about custom lookalike audiences (opens in a new tab).

Ages and GEO targeting gambling controls

Facebook pages: have age targeting and GEO targeting
Instagram accounts: have age targeting and GEO targeting
Audience Network: has age targeting and GEO targeting
Facebook posts: have age targeting and GEO targeting
Instagram posts: have neither age targeting or GEO targeting

Advertising controls

We offer several tools that allow advertisers to prevent their ads from appearing next to content which is not conducive to their brand, within Audience Network, Instant Articles, and in-stream video:

Placement controls:

Control the areas where your ads appear on our platform.

Inventory filter (new):

Stop your ads from appearing alongside sensitive content

Publisher list:

A complete list of publishers and places where your ads could run

Block list:

Stop your ads from appearing on specific websites, apps or pages

Publisher delivery report:

Control the areas where your ads appear on our platforms

Third party partners:

Manage your brand safety preferences with partners you know and trust

Read more about implementing advertiser controls (opens in new tab).

In addition, a complex system of both manual and automated reviews is employed to try to identify violations of our ads policies before they go live. Read more here (opens in new tab).

Influencer, affiliate and agency controls

To help ensure any commercial message you co-sponsor or are associated with on our platform is age-gated and geo-gated correctly, there are specific steps you can take with your partner.

Creative restrictions

Advertisers are responsible for ensuring that gambling ads adhere to local legal or regulatory requirements around offers and messaging.

When Facebook develops any new ad formats, particularly those focused around interactivity, there is special consideration given to sensitive categories such as gambling.

Platform integrations review and approval

Platform integrations must be approved by both our policy and legal teams. A clear use case for the product must be outlined and a platform addendum must be signed by the relevant party for approval before submission in the App Dashboard.

Brand safety

User-generated content transparency and controls

A lot of Facebook apps and technologies include content created by people through their curated feeds. These are also monitored through AI and manual reviews.

Industry collaboration with leading brand safety partners

Brand safety is a challenge for the entire advertising industry, which is why we collaborate with industry partners to share knowledge, build consensus, and work towards making all online platforms safe for businesses.