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List of organisations for operator contributions

Information for operators

From 1 January 2020 operators must direct their annual financial contribution for gambling research, prevention and treatment as required by LCCP SR code 3.1.1 to one or more of the organisations on the following list.

The purpose of this list is to demonstrate to operators how to be compliant with the LCCP requirement to make annual financial contributions to research, prevention and treatment.

Operators must:

  • make an annual financial contribution to each of research, prevention and treatment
  • ensure that these donations go to one or more organisation on the following list
  • ensure that they have no connection to the recipient organisation
  • report information accurately in their annual or quarterly regulatory return to the Commission about the destination(s) of their payment and the amounts that have been contributed. This includes ensuring that there is no duplication of data across multiple licences.

We will collate information about LCCP RET contributions and publish this information at least annually.

Businesses can continue to donate funds to any organisation outside of the approved list, but such contributions will not be counted as LCCP RET contributions.  

Organisations will continue to be able to submit information to us and be added to the list on an ongoing basis. You must inform us whenever any of your information changes.

Name of organisationCategoryType of organisation
Action against Gambling HarmsResearch
Addiction Recovery Agency Ltd (Ara)Prevention
Beacon Counselling TrustPrevention
Betknowmore UKPrevention
Bet On MeTreatmentPrivate Company
Deal me outPreventionCommunity Interest Company
EPIC Risk ManagementPreventionPrivate Company
The Forward TrustTreatmentCharity
Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic, University of SydneyResearchPublic Research University
Gordon Moody AssociationTreatmentCharity
International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG)Research
Leon House Health & Wellbeing LtdTreatmentPrivate Company
Racing to SchoolPreventionCharity
Red Card Gambling Support Project CICPreventionCommunity Interest Company
Responsible Gambling Council (Canada)ResearchCharity
Sport in MindPrevention
Young Gamers & Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM)Recovery
TalkGenPreventionCommunity Interest Company

† denotes organisations that meet all three categories

The process for organisations who wish to be on the list for annual LCCP RET contributions

Gambling businesses are required to make an annual financial contribution to organisations which deliver or support research into the prevention and treatment of gambling-related harms, harm prevention approaches and treatment for those harmed by gambling (RET contributions). We do not specify an amount which may be contributed as this could be seen as imposing a levy, which is a power reserved for Parliament. 

Being on the LCCP RET list is not a guarantee of receiving any financial RET contributions.  

We maintain a list to demonstrate to operators how to be compliant with the LCCP requirement to make financial contributions. It ensures that if businesses make contributions to organisations which work in other areas unconnected to reducing gambling harms in Britain, these amounts will not be considered compliant or published in the figures on LCCP RET contributions. Businesses can continue to donate funds to any organisation outside of the LCCP RET list, the only change is that such contributions will not be counted as LCCP RET contributions.

Organisations seeking to be on the list of organisations to which gambling businesses may direct their RET contributions should provide information to the Commission to help us assess their suitability. This will include working to reduce gambling harms in Britain, and the need for independent oversight or regulation for all organisations. It will also include:

  • In the case of research: the commissioning of research that is of general benefit, not solely or mainly for the purposes of informing the organisation’s other work.
  • In the case of treatment: a connection to the existing National Gambling Treatment Service and/or existing NHS England, Scotland or Wales mental health or addiction services. 

There is no cost for working with the Commission to be on the list, and organisations should submit the following LCCP RET Information form. 

Information requirements for approved organisations for RET contributions

Approved organisations for RET contributions are required to send us quarterly returns listing the financial contributions they have received from operating licence holders. Returns consist of a templated MS Excel Open XML format spreadsheet, a blank copy of which is sent to approved organisations after their approval. Completed spreadsheets are to be submitted to within 28 days of the end of each UK financial quarter.


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