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Set For Life

We grant licences for each game, or class of games, promoted as part of the National Lottery. Lotto, EuroMillions, Thunderball, LottoHotPicksEuromillionsHotPicksScratchcards and Interactive Instant Win Games all have their own licences. The licence to run the National Lottery is called the Section 5 licence.

Whenever Camelot want to make changes to any of these games they must apply to us for approval.

Before we will approve any changes and allow amendments to the game licence or licence additional games we look at issues like:

  • player protection
  • projected returns to good causes
  • protecting player funds
  • legality
  • impact on the National Lottery brand and intellectual property. 

We check that Camelot complies with the terms of those licences. 

January 2019

Rationale for the approval of Set For Life 


In March 2018, Camelot sought approval for a new annuity draw based game called Set For Life. The Gambling Commission  considered Camelot’s proposal over a six month period, and following consideration of its duties, is content to approve the game. The game is currently planned to launch in March 2019.

In summary, the main aspects of the Set For Life game are:

  • The ticket price is £1.50 per line
  • Matrix of 5/47 + 1/10
  • Draws will take place twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays
  • The overall PPO is forecast to trend at 54.4%
  • All prizes are fixed and there are no rollovers
  • The prize values for Set For Life are as follows:
    • A top prize (Match 5+1) of £10,000 per month for 30 years
    • A second tier prize (Match 5) of £10,000 per month for one year
    • Match 4+1 fixed prize of £250
    • Match 4 fixed prize of £50
    • Match 3+1 fixed prize of £30
    • Match 3 fixed prize of £20
    • Match 2+1 fixed prize of £10
    • Match 2 fixed prize of £5.

In reviewing the request for Set For Life, we considered the proposal in line with our statutory duties, which are: 



  • We are satisfied that the Set For Life game is legal and consistent with the National Lottery brand.  
  • We continue to assess Camelot’s systems and controls through an annual programme of assurance activities. 
  • We are satisfied that there are separate arrangements in place which are not dependent on the operator to ensure that the annuity prizes will be paid to winners and will continue beyond the current licence period where relevant.

Protecting the interests of players


  • The prize structure should benefit players, and the annuity aspect of the game (for the jackpot and second tier prize), is a new offering for the draw based game portfolio.
  • Due to the fixed prizes on offer, in some extreme cases, Match 5+1 and Match 5 prizes will be capped. We have therefore challenged Camelot to ensure that the chances of capping is low, and where it occurs, it will be fully explained to players. 
  • Due consideration was given to the increase in draw based games in the portfolio with the introduction of Set For Life. Research evidenced that the game received positive reaction from potential players due to its new way of winning the jackpot over 30 years.
  • Separately, we are satisfied that the Set For Life game will not increase the risks of excessive or underage play and are not of particular appeal to under 16s. 

Returns to good causes


  • We are satisfied with the rigour of the process that Camelot has undertaken to design and develop the new game, and that the proposal was likely to lead to a positive return for good causes. 
  • While the Commission was suitably assured regarding the overall benefits of the new game, the fixed prize structure will mean that returns to good causes do fluctuate more on a week to week basis. In line with the action we have taken from a player protection perspective, we have also challenged Camelot to ensure that returns to good causes have been adequately protected over the long term in this respect. 


Based on the information provided by Camelot and our considerations, we approved the request.