If you have a question about your gambling, or the gambling of someone close to you, our FAQs from gambling consumers during lockdown may provide valuable information.
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How do I complain about the National Lottery

If you are unhappy with any aspect of the National Lottery, you should in the first instance complain directly to Camelot, the National Lottery operator.

Customer Operations
The National Lottery
PO Box 251
WD18 9BR

0370 737 3983

Under the National Lottery complaints procedure, your complaint goes through the following steps before the process is exhausted.

  1. Your complaint is received by Camelot and a response is issued
  2. If you remain unhappy, your complaint can be escalated to a Manager
  3. If you still are not satisfied with the response you received from a Manager, your complaint can be escalated further to a Senior Manager, which is the final stage in the process.

You can view Camelot’s complaints procedure by using the following link: https://www.national-lottery.co.uk/contact-us/complaints

Any decision made by Camelot in its internal complaints procedure is entirely at its own discretion and the Commission does not get involved in the decisions which Camelot makes.

What happens if I have had a final response from Camelot and I remain unhappy?

If you have exhausted Camelot’s internal complaints process and you feel that Camelot has not dealt with your complaint properly or that it has not followed its complaints procedure, you can complain to the National Lottery’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provider, as outlined below.

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

This provides an independent and impartial review of transaction related disputes that remain unresolved after Camelot’s complaints process is complete. The National Lottery’s ADR is provided by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR).

A dispute can only be referred to CEDR for review if it relates to a Player’s claim of financial entitlement as a result of participation in one of The National Lottery’s games/products. The dispute must have already concluded Camelot’s complaints process and received a ‘Senior Manager Response’ as a result.

You have up to 12 months from concluding Camelot’s complaints process to refer your dispute to CEDR. This service is free of charge.

Any decision made by CEDR will be informed by the relevant Games Rules, Procedures, and/or Account Terms. CEDR cannot review service related complaints regarding how the National Lottery is operated or Camelot’s licensing requirements. Full information regarding the service CEDR provide can be found at www.cedr.com/idrs.

Please note that once you have made an application to CEDR, Camelot will not be able to enter into any further correspondence with you in respect of your dispute.

You can contact the National Lottery’s ADR provider at:

Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution
70 Fleet Street

020 7520 3817

The Gambling Commission

We respond to National Lottery consumer complaints as
a regulator

If you are unhappy about the final outcome of your complaint with Camelot, you can contact the Commission and provide us with details of your complaint.

  • When we receive a consumer complaint, we consider the issues raised from a regulatory perspective only.
  • We do not adjudicate on consumer complaints as we are not a complaint handling body.
  • The Commission does not rule on disputes between players and Camelot and therefore cannot alter the outcome of the complaint. We cannot pay compensation or refunds nor compel Camelot to do so.
  • We will inform you if we feel regulatory action is appropriate.
  • Players can contact us with objections to policy decisions made by the Commission.

The information that players provide about complaints will enable the Commission to ensure that Camelot is following its procedures and processes under the terms of its operating licence, and to take action when problems are identified. This is why we value each and every contact that we receive.

How we use information received from consumer complaints

When we receive information from National Lottery players concerning a complaint they have made to Camelot we review the information from a regulatory perspective to ensure that Camelot is adhering to the terms of its operating licence.

Sometimes the information that we receive highlights areas of concern and the Commission’s Enforcement team will investigate any potential breach in the licence and decide if any further action needs to be taken.

When a breach takes place, we publish on our website details of what happened and what action was taken. If there is no licence breach, we may still choose to publish details of our investigation if we feel that the public or affected stakeholders should be informed.

How do I contact the Commission to complain?

National Lottery Consumer Protection
Gambling Commission
4th Floor
Victoria Square House
Victoria Square
B2 4BP

0121 230 6666