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Premises licence fees

Fee setting must be transparent and a licensing authority should closely track costs and be able to evidence how it arrived at the fee levels to demonstrate that they have been calculated on a cost recovery basis only. 

Maximum fees cannot be exceeded when you undertake your annual review of fees.  

The Gambling (Premises Licensing Fees) (England and Wales) Regulations 2007

Premises fees in Scotland are centrally set.

The Department for Digital, Culture Media and Sports’ (DCMS) guidance on setting premises licence fees states that:

“Licensing authorities should therefore review and publish their fees annually to ensure that the income from the premises licence fees in any one accounting period (ie in any full financial year) does not exceed the full costs incurred by the authority in carrying out the relevant functions.”

The DCMS fee guidance, which is available on the LGA knowledge hub, also states the annual fee will cover the reasonable costs of compliance and enforcement work, including the cost of dealing with illegal gambling in your area.

As a matter of good practice and better regulation we would encourage you to publish your fees in the licensing section of your website.