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Premises assessment templates

To help you meet your regulatory obligations under the Gambling Act 2005 we worked with Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Licensing Forum and LLEP to create templates for assessments at gambling premises.

These templates aim to make gambling regulations easier to access and understand and you in providing advice and guidance to businesses on how to achieve compliance.

LLEP Business Gateway website

Social responsibility and community safety 

The social responsibility code provisions that operators must comply with are in areas such as underage controls, information on problem gambling, customer interaction, self-exclusion, display of rules, marketing, supervision of customers, staff training etc. 

The templates include reference to these social responsibility code provisions to allow you to get a wider understanding for a premises/operators approach towards achieving compliance in areas that link directly to community safety. 

Information to leave at the premises 

To satisfy the inspection provision regulations you can provide premises with information about the concept of shared regulation, inspection rationale and frequency, legal powers of entry, evidence of ID and the complaints procedures.  

Also included are details of the inspection areas (for example, relevant premises licence conditions, legislation and social responsibility code provisions). 

Inspection guidance note for authorised local authority officers 

Covers the legal requirements when conducting inspections such as the statement on entry, questioning and evidence of ID. 

Templates for assessment outcome letters and record of inspections 

Templates to help you fulfil your obligations around transparency and to help save you time around standard issues. 

These documents may not be appropriate for every local licensing authority, but they provide a solid starting point. They are reviewed regularly to ensure they reflect legislative change. 


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