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Local risk assessments

Premises licence holders in your area must conduct a local risk assessment for each of their current premises. This is a social responsibility code which helps them demonstrate how they aim to address the local risks to the licensing objectives. 

This applies to:

  • adult gaming centres
  • family entertainment centres
  • non-remote betting
  • non-remote bingo
  • non-remote casinos
  • remote betting intermediaries (trading room only).  

Gambling premises in your area are also be required to conduct or update a risk assessment when:

  • applying for a new premises licence
  • applying for a variation to a premises licence
  • changes in the local environment or the premises warrant a risk assessment to be conducted again. 

What a local risk assessment should include

You have the power to challenge a businesses risk assessment if you feel there is evidence that local risks have not been taken into consideration.  

Local risk assessments must also take into account the relevant matters identified in the licensing authority’s statement of licensing policy. 

They should be structured in a manner that offers sufficient assurance that the premises has suitable controls and procedures in place. These controls should reflect the level of risk within the particular area, which will be determined by local circumstances.  

The risk assessment should take into account the risks presented by the local landscape. For example, if they are near a school it should explain how they will mitigate the risk of underage gambling. 

Gambling businesses should submit their local risk assessment

Whilst there is no statutory requirement for them to share risk assessments with responsible authorities or interested parties, it is best practice. 

We recommend they hold premises risks assessments on the premises.