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Part 23: Introduction to permits

  1. Introduction

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23.1 The Act introduces a range of permits for gambling which are granted by licensing authorities. Permits are designed as a light-touch approach to low level ancillary gambling - they are used in circumstances where stakes and prizes are subject to very low limits and/or gambling is not the main function of the premises. The permits regulate gambling and the use of gaming machines in specific premises.

23.2 Holders of alcohol-licensed premises gaming machine permits and club permits are required to comply with codes of practice drawn up by the Commission, on the location and operation of machines, namely The gaming machine permits code of practice.

23.3 The following parts of this guidance discuss, amongst other things, the various permits that licensing authorities are responsible for issuing:

  • Part 24 – family entertainment centre gaming machine permits, Schedule 10
  • Part 25 – club gaming permits and club machine permits, Schedule 12
  • Part 26 – alcohol-licensed premises gaming machine permits, Schedule 13
  • Part 27 – prize gaming permits, Schedule 14.

23.4 Licensing authorities may only grant or reject an application for a permit. No conditions may be attached to a permit.

23.5 There are different factors to be taken into account by licensing authorities when considering the different types of permit applications and further information is provided in the relevant parts of this guidance identified above.

23.6 In addition, licensing authorities are responsible for receiving notifications from holders of alcohol licences under the Licensing Act 2003 or the Licensing (Scotland)Act 2005, that they intend to exercise their automatic entitlement to two gaming machines in their premises under s.282 of the Act.