If you have a question about your gambling, or the gambling of someone close to you, our FAQs from gambling consumers during lockdown may provide valuable information.
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Our online self-serve portals

Please note:

Identity documents for personal licence applications, maintenance applications and Annex A declarations

As a result of Covid-19, the Gambling Commission office remains closed and Licensing staff continue to work from home.  As a result, there are no staff available to receive and open post.  Our post is currently being stored securely until we are safe to return to the office at which time we will need time to work through the backlog of post, verify identity documents and return to the applicant.

Therefore, please do not post original identity documents to the Commission but instead use one of the following options:

Employer checks ID and completes the ID verification form (insert link).  The guidance on which documents need to be checked is available here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/documents-the-applicant-must-provide

Use 3rd party services e.g. solicitors, lawyers, notaries.  The list of people authorised to notarise identity documents is available here: https://www.gov.uk/certifying-a-document

Take a photo of your identity documentation using your mobile phone and upload these into the application service ensuring that the correct documents have been provided in line with the DBS guidelines: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/documents-the-applicant-must-provide. Guidance for photographs is available below:

Photographs of identity documents should be in colour and include the following pages:

  • Front cover (for passports)
  • First page (nationality page for passports)
  • Photo page (including signature for passports and identity cards)
  • Address page (including date) for bills, bank statements etc.

ID verification forms, notarised copies and photographs can be uploaded into the application service you are using.  If you experience any difficulties, email the copies to the Licensing Department at licensing@gamblingcommission.gov.uk, clearly referencing your application or account number so that we can link your documents to your application.


There are four different e-services available - please read the descriptions to check you are logging into the right one for the tasks you want to carry out. 

eServices for licensed gambling businesses 
Hold an operating licence?
If you hold an operating licence use eServices for operators. This service allows you to:

  • Apply for an additional operating licence – eg if you currently hold a non-remote licence and now want a remote or ancillary licence
  • Add, remove or change the activities you are licensed for
  • Submit key events and LCCP notifications
  • Pay invoices using a credit or debit card
  • Submit regulatory returns or audits

Application online: apply for a licence for your business or for a personal management licence
Not currently licensed by us?
If you do not hold an operating or personal management licence use Application online. This service allows you to:

  • Apply for a new operating licence
  • Apply for a new personal management licence

Apply for a personal functional licence 

Use this service to apply for a licence if you intend to carry out any of these roles in a casino: 

  • dealer
  • cashier
  • inspector
  • pit boss
  • supervisor
  • gambling related security or surveillance.

Watch our video guide to help you apply

Manage your personal licence 

Use this service to:

  • change personal details
  • report key events
  • download a copy of the personal licence
  • surrender the personal licence
  • submit maintenance applications.

eServices for personal licence holders 

This service is no longer available.  Please use the new Manage your personal licence service.


Guidance about our emails to you 

Where we send messages from

We send emails and text messages for many reasons, for example:

  • contacting you about a query
  • updating you about an application
  • providing information, for example, eBulletin.

We are gradually changing how we send emails and messages, so you will see them coming from a different email sender than the usual.

Text Messages

When you receive text messages from us, the message sender will show as GAMREGGB. You can’t reply to these messages. We will never ask you in a text message to reveal your password or other security information relating to digital services.

Emails from Gambling Commission staff

The majority of emails which are sent will come from emails ending with @gamblingcommission.gov.uk

All emails from Gambling Commission staff will come from <firstinitial><lastname>@gamblingcommission.gov.uk.

Automated emails

Some of our new services e.g. Apply for a PFL and Manage your Personal Licence will send automated emails to update you on the progress of your application.  Where services send automated emails, these will always end with @notifications.service.gov.uk and are specific to the service that the email is sent  from.

Email addresses used by our services

We recommend that you add the following sender email addresses to your email contact list to avoid important emails going into your spam/junk folder:

Service: Apply for personal functional licence

Sender: apply.for.a.personal.functional.licence@notifications.service.gov.uk

Service: PFL Processing Service

Sender: processing.service@notifications.service.gov.uk

Service: Personal licence processing

Sender: personal.licence.processing@notifications.service.gov.uk

Service: Manage your personal licence

Sender: manage.your.personal.licence@notifications.service.gov.uk

Service: Payments

Sender: gov.uk.pay@notifications.service.gov.uk