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Personal management licence

There are three types of licence that business owners may need. Your business may need all three:

  • an operating licence (from us)
  • a personal management licence (from us)
  • a personal functional licence (from us)
  • a premises licence (from your local licensing authority).

Apply for a licence online

Personal licence applications take around 8 weeks to process, providing full information is submitted.

People responsible for the following activities at licensed gambling operators require a personal management licence (PML):

  • overall strategy and delivery of gambling operations
  • financial planning, control and budgeting
  • marketing and commercial development
  • regulatory compliance
  • gambling related IT provision and security
  • management of licensed activity for a particular area in Great Britain where you have five or more sets of premises for which you hold a premises licence
  • management of a single set of bingo and/or casino licensed premises.

If you carry out more than one of these management functions at the same time you only need to hold one PML. 

For a casino operator, the individual appointed as nominated officer for anti-money laundering and associated purposes must have a sufficient level of seniority. The nominated officer is not required to hold a PML, but we consider it good practice to do so.   

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Cost of a personal management licence

The cost for a PML is £370. We can accept payment from most credit or debit cards, but unfortunately we are not able to accept American Express or Visa Electron.

We will not return your fee if your application is unsuccessful or you choose to withdraw from the application process.

When to apply

You should apply for personal management licences (PMLs) for people in relevant management positions within your business at the same time as applying for your operating licence.

You may not need a PML if your business is considered a small scale operator.

Until we issue your PML, you should not carry out the responsibilities that the PML allows you to do, for example, making operational decisions.

What will I need to complete my application?

During the online application you will be asked to scan and upload certified copies or send us the originals of:

You can contact us to get a copy of either form. If you live overseas, you will need to provide a police record from your country of residence.

If any information is missing, this will delay your application.

Criminal record checks

When you receive your DBS disclosure certificate, you must send it to us as soon as possible. Any delay in sending the certificate will delay your application.

We will not accept copies or certified copies so you must send the original certificate, which we will return to you by recorded delivery.

Alternatively, in some circumstances you can avoid having to post the DBS disclosure certificate to us by joining the DBS Update Service.

Personal licence maintenance

More information about the personal licence maintenance process is available.

Things you need to tell us about

You should inform us of any changes in circumstances, for example if your contact details change. See the full list of things you need to tell us about as part of your licence conditions.

How do I submit documents if I can't upload them online

Original documents posted to us will be returned by recorded or special delivery and will need to be signed for upon receipt.

Post to the address below quoting your name and the unique application reference ID given to you during the online application.

Licensing submissions
Gambling Commission
Victoria Square House
Victoria Square
B2 4BP

What do I do when I get my licence?

Keep your licence in a safe place. You need to be able to produce your licence on demand within a specified period, if a constable or enforcement officer asks to see it.

Your licence will last indefinitely unless:

  • it is revoked
  • it is suspended
  • you choose to surrender it
  • it lapses, for example due to bankruptcy
  • it is forfeit, for example if a court orders it when you are convicted of a relevant offence
If you need a copy of your personal licence login to eServices - Personal, and you will be able to download a copy of your licence.

Administration costs for adding, deleting or amending a personal licence


Adding a licensed activity

25% of standard licence fee

Amending a licensed activity

25% of standard licence fee

Removing a licensed activity

£25 administration fee

Changing details (requiring a new licence to be issued)

£25 administration fee

Adding a condition

25% of standard licence fee

Amending a condition

25% of standard licence fee

Removing a condition

25% of standard licence fee

You rejected my application, what can I do?

If we reject your application, we will let you know the reasons why and the steps you can take to appeal if you are unhappy with our decision. If we have given you a final decision and you are not satisfied with it, you can appeal to HM Courts & Tribunals Service, which is an independent body.

Apply for a licence online

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