If you have a question about your gambling, or the gambling of someone close to you, our FAQs from gambling consumers during lockdown may provide valuable information.
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Personal licence maintenance

The new maintenance process is operated via Manage your personal licence service

Information about maintenance


  1. Maintenance is due 5 years after the anniversary of the first licence being issued.  For example, if your first licence was issued on 1 January 2007, your maintenance would be due on 1 January 2012.  The next maintenance would then be due on 1 January 2017 and so on.
  2. The Gambling Act allows 30 days from the anniversary date for personal licensees to submit an application and pay the required maintenance fee.
  3. You will no longer receive a maintenance pack in the post.  Instead, each personal licence holder who is due maintenance will receive an email from the Gambling Commission telling them that they can sign in to the Manage your personal licence service [link] and submit the maintenance application. This email will be sent on your anniversary date.
  4. Personal licence holders will then have 30 days to submit the maintenance application and make payment.
  5. The new service only allows you to submit your maintenance once you have paid.
  6. As soon as your application is submitted, the personal licence holder will receive regular updates from Licensing about the progress of the application.  You may also receive additional notifications from Licensing if further information is required.
  7. If the maintenance application is not received within 30 days of the anniversary date, a notice of revocation letter will be sent.
  8. The personal licence holder then has a further 28 days to submit the maintenance application.  If a maintenance application is not received, a letter confirming revocation will be sent.  At this time, the licence will become inactive and the personal licence holder will no longer be able to work in the gambling industry in a role that requires a licence.
  9. Once the licence has been revoked, a new application can be made.  Whilst the new application is being processed, the person is not allowed to work in a role that requires a licence.

Payment for maintenance

The fee for a maintenance application is:

  • £145 for a personal functional licence
  • £370 for a personal management licence.

Payment for maintenance applications submitted via the new Manage your personal licence service can only be made via Debit or Credit card.  We will no longer accept payment via BACS directly into the Commission’s back account.

Maintenance fees are non-refundable.

If you have any questions about this information, contact us via licensing@gamblingcommission.gov.uk.


Guidance about our emails to you 

Where we send messages from

We send emails and text messages for many reasons, for example:

  • contacting you about a query
  • updating you about an application
  • providing information, for example, eBulletin.

We are gradually changing how we send emails and messages, so you will see them coming from a different email sender than the usual.

Text messages

When you receive text messages from us, the message sender will show as GAMREGGB. You can’t reply to these messages. We will never ask you in a text message to reveal your password or other security information relating to digital services.

Emails from Gambling Commission staff

The majority of emails which are sent will come from emails ending with @gamblingcommission.gov.uk

All emails from Gambling Commission staff will come from <firstinitial><lastname>@gamblingcommission.gov.uk.

Automated emails

Some of our new services e.g. Apply for a PFL and Manage your Personal Licence will send automated emails to update you on the progress of your application.  Where services send automated emails, these will always end with @notifications.service.gov.uk and are specific to the service that the email is sent  from.

Email addresses used by our services

We recommend that you add the following sender email addresses to your email contact list to avoid important emails going into your spam/junk folder:

Service: Apply for personal functional licence

Sender: apply.for.a.personal.functional.licence@notifications.service.gov.uk

Service: PFL Processing Service

Sender: processing.service@notifications.service.gov.uk

Service: Personal licence processing

Sender: personal.licence.processing@notifications.service.gov.uk

Service: Manage your personal licence

Sender: manage.your.personal.licence@notifications.service.gov.uk

Service: Payments

Sender: gov.uk.pay@notifications.service.gov.uk