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Betting: which licence do you need?

This advice explains our approach when deciding what operating licences you need to run your betting business. It is particularly focused on the questions that arise regarding the use of self-service betting terminals and other intermediate arrangements in providing gambling facilities on the high street.

If your business is party to your customers’ betting contracts you will need a general betting standard operating licence (remote/non-remote). 

If you are providing facilities for gambling from key equipment in Great Britain or to consumers in Britain which facilitates customers’ betting with a third party, either directly or through another betting intermediary, you need a betting intermediary licence (remote/non-remote). 

In either case, those licences will need to be remote licences if the customer bets using any form of remote communication or if your activity is carried on by means of remote communication, whether or not the customer is on your premises. 

In circumstances where the transaction is conducted from your premises, a betting premises licence will be needed and cannot be obtained without a betting operating licence which can either be remote or non-remote. 

Gaming machines 

Gaming machines can only be provided on licensed betting premises where you hold a non-remote general betting (standard) licence and are providing non-remote betting facilities. 

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