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Games register

The games register has replaced the test report and RGI submission process. We no longer require game test reports to be submitted by email.

This is in line with your requirement to report on games testing, as outlined in LCCP Condition 2.3.1.

If you hold a relevant licence the Games Register will be automatically accessible through e-services.

The new system allows you to add, withdraw and reinstate random number generator (RNG) driven games and RNGs individually or through a bulk upload service. You will also be able to download your register in full as a CSV. 

If you hold a gambling software licence, the new system allows you to add details of the game and relevant test reports. This will generate a unique game register reference, which you will supply to gambling businesses who provide the game to players. 

If you provide RNG gaming facilities to consumers, you must use the new unique game register reference from your game supplier to make entries.

We have pre-populated your register with any previously submitted games, so if your register is incomplete, please contact your game supplier for the relevant unique reference number.

If you have any queries please contact 

games register

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