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Licence conditions and codes of practice (LCCP)

A new version of LCCP has been published, which is  in effect from 4 April 2018.

This version of LCCP includes changes relating to society lotteries and information requirements which were consulted on during 2017, as well as some minor clarification of the application of some of our requirements.

Find out more in our summary of key changes to LCCP - 2018

The Licence conditions and codes of practice set out the requirements you must meet in order to hold your operating licence and your personal licence. It is a very important part of running your business and we recommend you subscribe to our e-bulletin so we can notify you of any changes.

LCCP is not static. We make amendments or additions to take account of developments in the industry or emerging evidence on the most effective means of promoting socially responsible gambling. But we will usually consult on any changes so come back to this page frequently to check for the most up to date information. 

We think that the most effective regulatory approach is to focus on the outcomes we expect you to achieve. In some areas we specify particular rules or processes, but where possible, we aim to allow you to take your own approach to meet our requirements. This includes using rapidly developing technological tools and data analytics. 

The areas of general compliance for all operators are listed on the top right of this page. For sector specific compliance scroll to the bottom. There are also sector specific LCCP extracts.

What are licence conditions? 

There are four types of licence condition, and they have different status in the law, but you need to comply with them all: 

  • General licence conditions can be applied by the Gambling Commission to an individual operating licence or a class of operating licence (for example, all betting operating licences).
  • Individual licence conditions can be applied by the Gambling Commission to an individual operating licence. They are likely to address matters concerning an individual operator and their activities.
  • Conditions imposed by the Secretary of State may be applied to a class of operating licence using statutory instruments (amendments to the law).
  • Statutory conditions imposed by the Gambling Act 2005 may be applied to a class of operating licence. 

What are codes of practice? 

Codes of practice are either: 

  • social responsibility code provisions - which must be adhered to by all licence holders
  • ordinary code provisions – these do not have the status of licence conditions but failure to take account of them can be used as evidence in criminal or civil proceedings. 

We have powers to take action against licensed operators who fail to comply.

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