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What you need to tell us when you hold an operating licence

Our Licence conditions and codes of practice contains various information requirements which gambling operators need to comply with. The information we collect from your business is important in shaping our decision making and our advice to government, so it is vital that you report on all the required data.

To help you ensure you are reporting on all the required areas, we have created this summary list:

There are numerous requirements under each of these topics, such as reporting financial information, anti-money laundering, information security breaches and changes of corporate control, so you should review them in detail.

Other information you must give us is specified in the Gambling Act 2005 (GA2005). The main information types, apart from operating licence applications and variations, are:

  • Single-machine supply and maintenance permits (application) (GA2005, Pt 10 s250)
  • Premises licence applications (copy of applications) (GA2005, Pt 8 s160)
  • Temporary use notices (copy of applications) (GA2005, Pt 9 s219)
  • Club gaming permits (copy of applications) (GA2005, Sch 12)
  • Club machine permits (copy of applications) (GA2005, Sch 12)

We may also, from time to time, request that you provide us with other information about the gambling facilities your business provides, how the business relating to gambling is run, and other such matters:

Additionally, you need to maintain records of specific information, should we wish to request or inspect them.

Examples of these include: