Due to the impact Covid-19 is having on operations across the UK we have had to reduce our phoneline opening hours.

Our phonelines are open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10 am and 4 pm.

The contact us service is also available for answers to common questions and we will aim to respond to these enquiries as quickly as possible.

If you have a question about your gambling, or the gambling of someone close to you, our FAQs from gambling consumers during lockdown may provide valuable information. Our what we do page also provides an overview of the types of queries we are able to help consumers with in the first instance.

The National Gambling Helpline is also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through GamCare. It is there to support those suffering from gambling problems or those concerned about the affect gambling is having on people close to them. You can call them free on 0808 8020 133, or visit gamcare.org.uk.
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Key events

A key event is an event that could have a significant impact on the nature or structure of your business. 

We expect you to work with us in an open and cooperative way and to inform us of anything we might need to be aware of in order to regulate effectively.

You need to tell us within five working days, or as soon as you can, if any of the events listed occur.

LCCP: Licence condition 15.2
LCCP Ordinary code 8.1

You need to do this for each of the licences you hold (expect for ancillary licences).

You can report details of key events via eServices

This is just a summary of the key events listed under licence condition 15.2 – please refer to the LCCP for the full details: 

  • Going into administration or equivalent
  • A change in shareholder (3% or over)
  • Any other type of investment
  • Taking a loan from any person not authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Receiving third party services for other than for full value
  • Any change in key personnel
  • Any change to the structure or organisation
  • Any material change in banking arrangements
  • Any breach of a covenant given to a bank or other lender
  • Any default in making repayment of whole or part of a loan on its due date
  • Any court judgments (in whatever jurisdiction) against you or your business
  • Any qualification to an auditors’ report
  • Any unplanned change of auditor
  • Any change in arrangements for the protection of customer funds
  • Any deficit on reconciliation of a customer funds bank account
  • Any change in arrangements through which you accept payment from customers
  • Grant/withdrawal/refusal of any application for a gambling licence from a regulator in another jurisdiction
  • Any investigation by a professional, statutory, regulatory or government body (in whatever jurisdiction) into your activities
  • Any report from a professional, statutory or other regulatory or government body (in whatever jurisdiction) of the outcome of a compliance assessment
  • Any high priority referral to your Board by a third party (such as an auditor) about your provision of facilities for gambling
  • Any disciplinary sanction, including dismissal, against the holder of a personal licence
  • Any material litigation (in whatever jurisdiction) against you
  • Submission of a suspicious activity report (SAR) to the NCA
  • Any breach of your information security that adversely affects the confidentiality of customer data or prevents customers from accessing their accounts for longer than 24 hours
  • Any change of your alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provider
  • Any change of trading on website domains (including mobile sites or mobile device applications) or broadcast media through which you provide gambling facilities
  • The outcome of a dispute referred to an ADR provider
  • If any group company, which is not a Commission licensee, advertises remote gambling facilities to those residing in a jurisdiction in or to which it has not previously advertised
  • Where a gaming system fault has resulted in under or overpayments to a player. 

This is a summary of the key events listed under ordinary code provision 8 – please refer to the LCCP for the full details: 

  • any change in the structure or the operation of your business
  • any change in your managerial responsibilities or governance arrangements
  • any report from an auditor expressing concerns about shortcomings in your management control or oversight relating to the provision of gambling facilities
  • where you know or suspect that there has been interference with an event in Great Britain on which bets have been placed (from anywhere)
  • where you know or suspect that there has been interference with an event taking place outside Great Britain on which bets have been placed in Great Britain.

You should inform us of the unique reference number issued by the United Kingdom Financial Intelligence Unit of the National Crime Agency in respect of each suspicious activity report disclosure (PoCA or Terrorism Act).

You must also indicate whether the customer relationship has been discontinued at the time of the submission of the report. Information on discontinued relationships at the same time as a SAR is submitted will help us to track trends in incidents across sectors and to develop a clearer understanding of threats in the gambling industry.

Submit one key event for each suspicious activity report disclosure.

Your responsibilities in relation to the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (for remote and non-remote casinos operators) and Duties and responsibilities under the proceeds of crime act 2002 - advice to operators (for all other operators).