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Test houses

You must ensure that your gambling products have been tested by a test house before they are released to the market.

LCCP: Licence condition 2.3.1

We publish a list of approved test houses that are approved to test compliance against our technical standards and requirements including:

The list includes details of which technical standards and requirements each test house can check compliance against. 

All test houses have full accreditation to BS/ENISO 17025 which covers the scope of our standards and requirements.

Becoming an approved test house

To become an appointed test house you must successfully complete the following two qualifying tests:

  • Gambling Commission assessment: All prospective test houses are required to undergo assessment on the suitability, integrity and independence of their business. The application form will allow us to undertake an initial assessment and confirm suitability subject to the second qualifying test below.
  • Internationally recognised accreditation: All prospective test houses will need to demonstrate accreditation to BS/EN ISO 17025. This accreditation may be obtained from either UKAS or an equivalent recognised international organisation. 

Applicants who are already accredited to BS/EN ISO 17025 will need to obtain confirmation, or an extension of scope where necessary, that the scope of their accreditation is sufficient to allow them to test to our standards. This should be obtained from either UKAS or an equivalent recognised international organisation. 

Once these two tests have been satisfied, we will grant an organisation approval to carry out the relevant tests against our technical standards and requirements. 

Before applying, applicants should satisfy themselves that they have experience or knowledge of testing gambling products and are likely to meet the two qualifying tests described above. Test houses that have been approved in other jurisdictions may also be well placed to apply. 

Test houses can apply by using:

For enquiries about your application for approval please contact us.