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If you interact with customers you must provide the option of self-exclusion for those who would like to take steps to stop gambling.

LCCP: Section 3.5 social responsibility code and ordinary code

Help your customer to self-exclude 

Entering into a self-exclusion is a significant step, and you should do what you can to ensure that the individual understands what it means. For example, that it is a commitment not to attempt to gamble for a minimum period of six months. Generally speaking, it is considered that this length of self-exclusion is necessary to enable an individual to deal with their problem gambling behaviour. 

However a customer who has decided to take the step of self-excluding should be able to do so immediately and should not be required to wait. 

The customer should be offered the opportunity to speak to someone appropriate about self-exclusion, in some circumstances this may not be possible immediately. However, arrangements should be made as soon as possible, and if a customer is certain that they wish to self-exclude and does not wish to wait until they have spoken to a suitably trained and experienced member of staff, then they should be able to do so at once.