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Manage the criminal risk associated with bonus and promotional offers

You must have robust ID verification procedures in order to prevent underage gambling, enforce self-exclusions and confirm customers' identities.

Verification must be conducted at appropriate points in time and not simply at point of withdrawal. It should also play a significant role in preventing individual consumers from gambling through third party accounts held in the names of family members, friends or other acquaintances.

Bonus and promotional offers must only be made available in a manner which is consistent with the licensing objectives, which includes a responsibility to prevent such offers from being exploited criminally for potential financial gain. 

If the industry can’t appropriately manage the criminal risks presented by bonus and promotional offers, we will consider whether regulatory intervention is required. For example, we could consider introducing a condition to restrict the use of bonus and promotional offers which are designed to induce and encourage gambling (via section 81 of the Gambling Act).

We have also informed the public that they should not share their personal details with third parties to open online gambling accounts.