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The importance of interacting with customers

A key area of social responsibility is customer interaction. It’s about identifying a player who is at risk of harm and interacting with them to reduce that risk.

We want you to be focusing on measures which enable you to identify and help players who are at-risk of harm to try to prevent them becoming problem gamblers.

Customer interaction is a proactive thing. An interaction with a customer is part of a process, not an end in itself. It is important to understand what impact your interactions have.

The video below provides an introduction to customer interaction and what you need to be doing to identify people who may be at risk of, or experiencing, gambling harm. It explains, clearly, what customer interaction is and how you can execute it properly. 

LCCP: 3.4 Customer Interaction

We have requirements in our LCCP which set out the minimum standards that we expect you to comply with.

You should be asking yourself:

  • Are you effectively identifying customers whose behaviour may indicate that they are at risk of harm from gambling?
  • Are you focusing on the outcome of a customer interaction?
  • Are you interacting appropriately with VIP/high value customers in relation to social responsibility?

We know that the industry is making progress, but we want you to do much more to put consumers, and particularly vulnerable consumers, at the heart of your businesses.