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Customer interaction guidance for remote gambling operators

Customer interaction describes how you identify people who may be experiencing, or at risk of developing, problems with their gambling, and how you interact with them to offer help or support.


Evaluation can help on two levels: did the customer interaction have a positive outcome for the customer, and does your overall approach work? The Responsible Gambling Strategy Board has published an Evaluation Protocol for the industry to use when designing evaluations. 

To help you work out the best options for the customer, you need to know what impact your interaction has had on their behaviour. This includes whether the customer has understood the information or advice you gave. 

Keeping your policies and procedures under review and up to date by taking into account research and industry best practice will help you to identify at-risk customers, and can help you target your resources where they are most needed. This can also reduce the risk of driving away customers who are not at risk of harm. 

At the moment, we think that too few customers are being identified and interacted with. Our regulatory return data shows that in 2016 around 1% of remote customers received a customer interaction. The Health Survey for 2015 shows that 24% of online slots, bingo and casino players, and 12% of sports bettors are either experiencing or at moderate risk of harm. 

What we expect you to do 

  • You should review and try to understand the impact of your customer interactions, to help you work out whether your customers are getting the right help and support.
  • You need to keep records of your customer interactions, including your interactions with VIP customers, and use these to help support individual customers and to help you keep improving.
  • We expect you to evaluate your approach, use that to update your processes, and to share good practice internally and with the rest of the industry.

Understanding customer impact 

Sometimes it is not clear what impact your interactions have had, so you should try to work out whether the customer interaction has changed the behaviour that prompted it. 

Some ways to work out that impact include:

  • Did the customer start using gambling management tools; independently or following your advice?
  • If you are tracking links from emails, did the customer click through to responsible gambling information? 
  • Was there a positive change in behaviour?  Did the customer’s gambling seem to change after the interaction?  Has the customer’s risk profile improved?
  • You could also follow up and ask the customer whether they found the interaction helpful or not.

Evaluating your policy and procedures  

You may already quality assure individual customer interactions by spot-checking chat records and emails. As well as checking that customers are getting the right support, this can also identify staff development needs and highlight good practice that you can share across your business and across the industry. 

You could use the NatCen statistics from the health surveys on the numbers of problem and moderate risk gamblers to work out the percentage of your customers you should be interacting with. These percentages vary depending on the gambling activity, and make sure you use the figures for the percentage of gamblers, not the overall population. 

The following measures could help to work out whether your approach is working well:

  • Gambling management tools –increased take up and more customers sticking within their limits.
  • Customer retention.
  • Reduction in complaints.

Questions to think about

  • Do you know how many of your customers may be at risk of experiencing problems with their gambling?
  • How do you know you are delivering the positive outcomes for your customers?
  • How could you improve on your policy and procedures?
  • How could you share your best practice with the industry?

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