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Destinations of regulatory settlements to be applied for socially responsible purposes


When the Commission takes regulatory action against a gambling operator, an outcome of that action can include a payment in lieu of the financial penalty the Commission might otherwise impose for breach of a licence condition. This is set in accordance with the Statement of Principles for Determining Financial Penalties. We publish the details of those enforcement cases and regulatory settlements on our news page. For more information, see our approach to regulating the gambling industry

A regulatory settlement can include payment to an organisation for socially responsible purposes.

Information about destinations of regulatory settlements to be applied for socially responsible purposes

The Commission reviews proposals for destinations of regulatory settlements.  During 2019/20, the following projects have been approved as destinations of regulatory settlements. This information will be updated at least on an annual basis.





March 2019



To accelerate progress to deliver GambleAware’s activity to support the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms

May 2019



To build capacity for the effective analysis of the data that is captured by GamCare treatment provision and from the National Gambling helpline.



Design and deliver a website to support the administration of the GamCare Safer Gambling Standard, and ensuring the ‘scores’ for accredited operators are clearly visible to consumers.


Provide and distribute stock of printed self-help workbooks

June 2019

Gambling Research Exchange


Creating a programme of work including a new research, dissemination evidence hub committed to preventing and reducing gambling harms in Great Britain in support of the National Strategy.

July 2019

Howard League for Penal Reform


Large scale problem gambling and crime commission.

August 2019

Gordon Moody


To enable the effective analysis of the data that is captured by Gordon Moody treatment provision.

September 2019

Gordon Moody


Capital funds to increase treatment capacity.

September 2019

Hurley Group


A pilot project to explore the design and delivery of an NHS based integrated community-based service for people experiencing harm from gambling.

September 2019

Healthy Stadia


An effective model to be rolled out to reduce the incidence of unhealthy gambling behaviour in the football stadium environment.

October 2019

Money and Mental Health Policy Institute 


A two-year programme of work to engage the financial services sector in efforts to reduce gambling harms.

November 2019

The Samaritans


Training and resources for gambling businesses to identify and support customers experiencing risks of suicide.

November 2019

Centre for Public Scrutiny


Using local authority scrutiny processes to understand and tackle gambling related harms.

December 2019

Scottish Public Health Network


Embedding a whole population approach to gambling in Scotland.

December 2019

Health and Social Care Alliance


Operation of a forum for participants with lived experience of gambling harm to steer the implementation of the National Strategy within Scotland.

January 2020

Greater Manchester Combined Authority


Pathfinder project for local authority public health approaches.

March 2020

Charities Aid Foundation


Supporting effective coordination of the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms – focus on funding, flows and partnerships for the third sector.

April 2020



Funds to help ensure treatment and support services can continue to operate effectively and withstand additional pressures on their services caused by the Covid-19 outbreak.

April 2020

Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust


Introducing and evaluating a co-designed and co-produced pilot public health Recovery College course on gambling and addiction. The course is targeted at mental health service users, carers and families and mental health professionals.

April 2020


Beacon Counselling Trust



Project in collaboration with the Unite trade union, the Union Learning fund, and Addiction Recovery Agency (ARA), alongside employers, to roll out a Workplace Charter, to reduce harms in the workplace from gambling through education, support and referral to treatment.


Scoping project working with five police forces in the North West of England to support co-ordination of police forces’ problem gambling screening activity within custody suites, working alongside other criminal justice projects.

May 2020

Gambling Research Exchange (GREO)

£1,100,000 (part funded)

Evaluation based project which aims to accelerate the implementation and spread of effective, evidence-based initiatives for safer gambling.

June 2020



Project to enable gambling blocking software to be provided to individuals accessing the National Gambling helpline or GamCare treatment network, on a temporary basis.


Ensuring GamCare maintains appropriate IT infrastructure to remain resilient during Covid-19 period.

June 2020

Forward Trust


Supporting offenders serving prison sentences across 19 sites, conducting a survey exercise to assess if issues with gambling have worsened during the coronavirus prison lockdown, and developing tailored self-help material and resources for prisoners coming up to release.

June 2020

PG Solutions (part of ARA Group)


Project to test and evaluate safer gambling messaging and embed a safer gambling toolkit to support the messaging. The project aims to reduce the numbers of people harmed by problem gambling and improve the access to safer gambling information, advice, and help.

February – July 2020


£500,000 (Part funded)

A project to enhance the delivery of youth education and age-appropriate treatment options. Design and delivery of both guided self-help and session plans for both young people and professionals. These will be available in both analogue and digital formats and supported by the existing evidence base around what works with young people. 

July 2020



Stand-alone to respond to COVID-19 £90,000

Development of Digital Learning (digital assets for flipped or fully online content solution,learning platform and of microsite)

Development of current face-to-face learning resources.

Development of Evaluation Framework

July 2020

City University of London in partnership with LAB Group 


Project seeks to spot potential problem gambling earlier in the lifecycle, by mapping kinetic, typing, scrolling and other 'implicit' digital behavioural interactions via gambling and apps.  

It also aims to provide comparative linguistic analysis and nudge theory to facilitate safer gambling messaging and take-up tools and support. 

September 2020

Gambling with Lives


Treatment Pathway project to be delivered in collaboration with Leeds and York NHS Partnership Trust, NHS England, City Council public health team, primary care team the project aims to develop clear care pathways for those experiencing gambling related harm.​

The pathway will be designed with stakeholders including people with lived experience, specialist treatment providers, public health and the third sector. 


October 2020

TalkBanStop Campaign in partnership withGamcare, Gamban​ and GAMSTOP


TalkBanStop partnership campaign. 

A 12-month pilot to promote, offer and evaluate the use of blocking software free of charge, alongside other tools for consumers which are already free of charge. The three organisations coming together to promote blocking software are:

  • GamCare’s National Gambling Helpline
  • GAMSTOP self-exclusion
  • Gamban blocking software, (which will be provided free of charge as part of the pilot).

November 2020

Gamcare – Woman’s Programme 


Woman’s Programme:  The programme comprises primarily of training and prevention activities, outreach and strategic stakeholder engagement for women how are experiencing gambling related harm.  

November 2020



A pilot project which provides a support programme to families impacted by gambling related harms.

November 2020

Birmingham City Council in partnership with University of Birmingham


Project aims to pilot the ability to detect and prevent gambling related harm as a cause of tenancy loss by establishing and putting in support mechanisms to those at risk or already engaged in harmful gambling.

November 2020

Beacon Counselling Trust in partnership with ARA - Recovery 4 All and GREO


To meet the needs of an underserved ethnocultural population with unique cultural considerations, this two-year project will build capacity in the South Asian community to reduce gambling harms by: 

·       Implementing a culturally appropriate train-the-trainer model to deliver gambling harm reduction education 

·       Increasing knowledge of gambling harm and treatment options among the South Asian population 

·       Improving referral pathways to treatment for those experiencing harms 

November 2020

YGAM in partnership with Redcard, TalkGen and Clear View Research


The project’s aim is to create a purposeful and tailored approach for gambling-harm prevention, with and for BAME communities. The project centres on understanding socio-cultural and religious contexts on shame and stigma.



Strict rules for operators

Under the terms of a settlement, there is to be no publicity or benefit for the operator in connection with the regulatory settlement.

Information for proposals for destinations of regulatory settlements

In the event of further regulatory settlements in the future, some information for organisations is available, as well as a template for proposals. The Commission takes compliance action in line with its Statement of Principles for Licensing and Enforcement and there is no guarantee that there will be further regulatory settlements.

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Information for organisations

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