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Enforcement report 2018/19

Marketing and advertising - healthcheck

Good practice

We encourage you to consider the following:

  • Do your marketing and advertising materials comply with the CAP and BCAP codes, and Licence conditions and codes or practice? If in doubt, have you made use of CAP’s copy advice team? Do you keep up to date with CAP and BCAP guidance, published on the ASA website, on the standards that you have to meet to ensure they comply with the rules?
  • Are your advertisements clear and fair? Do your marketing communications include significant limitations and qualifications consumers should be aware of?
  • Are you confident you have control over your marketing materials once you have engaged marketing affiliates? Have you ensured your contractual terms with affiliates are robust? Are you conducting regular audits of your affiliates’ activity against your compliance policy?
  • Are you allocating sufficient resources to ensuring your marketing and advertising is compliant?
  • Is responsibility for marketing and advertising being owned at an appropriate level within your organisation?

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Enforcement report

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