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Change of corporate control

A change of corporate control takes place when a person or other legal entity with 10% or more of the shares and/or voting power of an existing licensed operator changes. For example, if a major investor joins the company.

You need to notify us of any change of corporate control

You must notify us when there is a new controller of the company. You will need to complete a Change of corporate control form and pay the appropriate fee. Make sure you read the guidance notes before you start to fill out the form.

Operating licence change of corporate control - form

Operating licence change of corporate control - guidance notes

Change of corporate control applications take around 12 weeks to process, providing full information is submitted.

When should you notify us of a change of corporate control? 

Changes of control should be reported as soon as possible. 

We need to have received your form and payment within 5 weeks of the change occurring. We will revoke your licence if your application has not been made in time. 

Can I apply in advance? 

Yes. If you apply in advance of the change of control occurring we can confirm in good time that your licence can continue. This mitigates the risk of the licence being revoked should the change of control be unsuitable. 

Fees for change of corporate control 

Change of control


Due to share fluctuation only


Where the new controller already holds an operating licence

25% of standard application fee

Where the new controller is a financial institution that is either regulated by the FCA or which has its registered/head office in an EEA state and is regulated by its home state regulator.

25% of standard application fee

Where the new controller does not hold an operating licence

75% of standard application fee

Where the new controller does not hold an operating licence but all of the following requirements are met:

  • • The operator is a private limited company
    • The operator is and will continue to be a small-scale operator
    • All existing shareholders are either the spouse, civil partner, child,  parent or sibling of the new controller
    • The new controller will not exercise nay management function in connection with the gambling activities
    • The new controller will not hold a higher percentage of shares in the company than any other shareholder


Changes of corporate control within a group 

Where changes in control are for two or more licensees that are part of the same group structure, and the licensees will have the same new controller at the same time, further discounts may be applicable. 

The licensee with the highest application fee will pay either 25% (if already a licence holder) or 75% (if not) of the standard fee. The other group companies subject to the change of control will pay £100 each. 

Reporting other shareholder changes 

When changes to shareholding or voting power do not result in a change of control, such as a person or legal entity acquiring less than 10% shareholding, you should still let us know. 

Even though this is not a change of control it should still be reported to us. 

If a person already owns over 10% of a company any increase to this shareholding is not deemed as a change of control. However, we would still like to know about these changes so that we can ensure they do not impact on the overall suitability of the licensee. 

You should notify us of these changes through eServices.

There are charges for making these changes to your licence.