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The prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism

Form in which records are to be kept

7.30 Most casino operators have record keeping procedures which they keep under review, andwill seek to reduce the volume and density of records which have to be stored, whilst still complying with statutory requirements. Retention may therefore be:

  • by way of original documents
  • by way of photocopies of original documents
  • on microfilm
  • in scanned form
  • in computerised or electronic form.

7.31 Records relating to ongoing investigations should, where possible, be retained until therelevant law enforcement agency has confirmed that the case has been concluded. 

7.32 Where the record keeping obligations under the Regulations are not observed, an operatoror person is open to prosecution and sanctions, including imprisonment for up to two yearsand/or a fine, or regulatory censure (regulation 83(1)).

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