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Prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism

Requirements to cease transactions or terminate relationship

6.96 Where a casino operator is unable to apply the required CDD measures in relation to aparticular customer, the operator:

  • must not carry out a transaction with or for the customer through a bank account 
  • must not establish a business relationship or carry out a transaction with the customer other than through a bank account
  • must terminate any existing business relationship with the customer
  • must consider whether they are required to make a report, or a further report, to the NCA (regulation 31). 

6.97 Where the casino operator is required not to carry out a transaction with or for a customer through a bank account, this does not prevent money deposited in a customer's gambling account being repaid to the customer, provided that, where the operator is required to make a report to the NCA, the operator has a defence (appropriate consent) under POCA, or consent under the Terrorism Act, to the transaction (regulation 31(2)). 

6.98 Casinos must therefore have clear policies in place on how they will manage situations where they are unable to apply the CDD measures.

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