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The prevention of money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism

Country/geographic risk

2.18 Some countries pose an inherently higher money laundering and terrorist financing risk than others. In addition to considering their own experiences, casino operators should take into account a variety of other credible sources of information identifying countries with risk factors in order to determine that a country and customers from that country pose a higher risk. Casino operators may wish to assess information available from FATF and non-governmental organisations which can provide a useful guide to perceptions relating to corruption in the majority of countries.

2.19 Customers that are associated with higher risk countries, as a result of their citizenship, country of business or country of residence may present a higher money laundering and terrorist financing risk, taking into account all other relevant factors. Remote casinos should check customer location because of the additional risks which arise from cross-border operations.

2.20 The country/geographic risk can also be considered in conjunction with the customer risk.

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