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ADR Entity Name eCOGRA  
ADR public contact details:
(address and telephone number)
2/F Berkeley Square House
Berkeley Square
Tel: 0207 887 1480
Website address:

Fees charged by the ADR entity (if any)
ADR fees charged to operators at the rate of £100 for eCOGRA Safe & fair sealholder and £175 per month for non sealholders.
Language(s) in which complaints can be submitted to the ADR entity: English
The sectors and categories of domestic and cross-border disputes which may be considered by the ADR entity: Remote - all sectors
Whether or not the procedure can be conducted as an oral or written procedure: Written
Whether the outcome of the ADR procedure is binding: Non-binding
The grounds for which the ADR entity may refuse to deal with a dispute:

The website is not included on eCOGRA’s list of approved websites.

The consumer has not ensured that; i) at least two weeks have passed since the problem began; ii) they have followed the approved licence holder’s internal complaints procedure; and iii) all reasonable attempts have been made to negotiate a solution with the approved licence holder before submitting an ADR dispute form.

The dispute is being, or has previously been considered by another ADR entity or a court.

The dispute arose more than one year ago.

The dispute, in eCOGRA’s opinion, is frivolous, vexatious, or does not relate to the outcome of a gambling transaction.