If you have a question about your gambling, or the gambling of someone close to you, our FAQs from gambling consumers during lockdown may provide valuable information.
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Annual fees

You will need to pay an annual fee to ensure your operating licence remains valid. The amount can be found on the relevant licence page or for those with multiple licences you may want to use our fees calculator.

How do I pay my annual fee?

You can pay online via eServices 

After logging in, select Payment Online from the main menu to access your invoice and pay your annual fee. Watch this short video to see how:

If you have not yet registered for eServices, you can do so by emailing licensing@gamblingcommission.gov.uk.

Or you can pay by BACS, our bank details are below, ensure you include your invoice number or account number.

Bank: Barclays
Account name: Gambling Commission Income Account
Sort Code: 20-05-75
Account: 20358363 

International bank details: IBAN: GB57 BARC 2005 7520358363

Can I pay my annual fee by instalments?

No. It is a requirement of the Gambling Act 2005 for operators to pay their annual fee in full before the anniversary date stated on their operating licence.

I can't pay my annual fee, will I lose my licence?

It is a requirement of the Gambling Act 2005 for operators to pay their annual fee in full before the anniversary date stated on their operating licence. If you cannot pay then we must revoke your licence. 

If your licence has been revoked because of non-payment of your annual fee, but you wish to continue operating, you will need to re-apply. Until a new licence is issued, you should not conduct any activities that your licence permits.

If you re-apply for a licence, we will consider your past and present financial circumstances - this will include the resources likely to be available to carry out the licensed activities.

If you have been presented with a petition for bankruptcy or insolvency.

I have not been trading this year, do I need to pay my annual fee?

Yes. It is a requirement of the Gambling Act 2005 for operators to pay their annual fee in full before the anniversary date stated on their operating licence.

The fact that you may not have traded does not affect this legal requirement. If you wish to retain your operating licence, you must pay the annual fee by the due date.

You can surrender your operating licence if you wish and then the fee will not be payable.

If you do surrender your operating licence, you will not be able to trade again until you have applied for and been granted a new operating licence. You would then have to pay the application fee and, if the licence is granted, a first annual fee 30 days after the issue date of the new licence. 

Are licence application or annual fees refundable? 

No. We do not give refunds if:

  • a licence application is withdrawn after it has been submitted, and work on that application has started
  • a licence holder informs us, after the issue of the licence, that it is no longer required
  • an application is refused in full or part  (applications that we reject and so do not process will qualify for a refund)
  • an annual fee has been paid but the licence holder informs us, after the anniversary date, that the licence is no longer required. 

We can refund you where you have overpaid for some reason. 

Third party payments no longer accepted

Just as it expects operators to do, the Commission must counteract any potential attempts at money laundering through the Commission, both within and outside the UK.

So, from 1 June 2019, the Commission will no longer accept third party payments for the payment of application and licence fees except for payments from solicitors who are subject to  scrutiny by independent authorities. 

Employees of gambling organisations who are applying for a personal licence or whose maintenance fee for that personal licence is due, must make the payment themselves.

Payment methods

Our preferred method of payment is online payment so you should make payment online where possible. Making payment online means that we can easily identify which Commission licensee or applicant the payment is for.

If payment online is not possible, we will accept payment by BACs but the Commission account number if you have one and the full name of the licensee or applicant must be included in the payment details or we will not be able to apply the payment and the application will not be processed 

Cheques will not be accepted and they will be returned to sender and if payment was for an application fee, that application will not be processed.


Application fees

Application fees  must be paid  with the application so the Commission does not send out invoices for application fees.  However, once an application and fee payment is received, the invoice number is viewable online in eServices. 

Operating licence annual fees

We send annual fee invoices by post to an operator’s head office address 6 weeks before the fee is payable. The invoice is also viewable online 6 weeks before the fee is payable so as the date of the fee draws near, an operator should check eServices for their invoice amount.  If payment is not made by the due date, the operating licence will be revoked.

Later in 2019, we will stop sending invoices by post and will send them by email instead.  We will be contacting all operators to ask for their preferred email address for annual fee invoices.  

Personal Maintenance fees

Invoices for personal licence maintenance will continue to be posted to the personal licence holder’s address 6 weeks before the payment is due.  We do not send reminder so if payment is not made by the due date, the personal licence will be revoked.

It is our policy to send revocation letters out for all personal licences that are overdue on a weekly basis so please ensure you make your payment online on or before the due date shown on your invoice. In case of query please quote your ‘Gambling Commission’ account number which is shown on your invoice under the date. Once you have received a revocation letter you have 28 days to appeal the decision if you feel there has been an administrative error, during which time you are permitted to work providing you have contacted the Commission to appeal the decision.