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Digital Advisory Panel – Terms of reference


  • The pace of change in the online gambling industry gives rise to new risks, opportunities and regulatory challenges, which the Commission must be equipped to face. 

  • To help with this, we have established a Digital Advisory Panel to advise us on the digital landscape and emerging trends which may impact on how the gambling market operates, how we interact with operators and how they interact with consumers.  

  • The panel’s expertise will help us to adapt to the changing profile of the sector and to ensure effective consumer protections as the market evolves. 


  • Our Digital Advisory Panel will advise our Board and Executive Group. This will include:  

  • Advising on digital developments and trends and how the gambling sector will be impacted by current and future digital developments 

  • Reviewing specific topics and making appropriate recommendations 

  • Providing guidance or other input to specific projects.

  • Formal written advice from the Digital Advisory Panel will be published, alongside the Gambling Commission’s response. The panel has no decision-making role and will provide advice collectively. 


  • In this context, ‘digital’ has a broad meaning intended to include software, hardware, services and delivery mechanisms. For example, issues considered by the panel could include: 

    • consumer experience, personalisation and devices, 

    • how the industry provides services and products to consumers, 

    • multi-channel retailing and digital marketing, 

    • the interface and convergence of social media, gaming and gambling, 

    • ‘big data’ and analytics, 

    • artificial intelligence and machine learning, 

    • remote compliance solutions, 

    • social responsibility and consumer protection in virtual transactions, 

    • innovation and disruption in payments and back office functions, and  

    • supply chain and business to business transactions. 


  • The Gambling Commission will request advice from DAP on topics where the panel can add most value to its work. DAP may also recommend topics to the Gambling Commission for it to work on.  


  • Members of the panel are appointed by the Gambling Commission. They are appointed as individuals based on their expertise and experience. They do not represent any other body or organisation. 

  • The Chair is also appointed by the Gambling Commission. 

  • Meetings are attended by relevant Gambling Commission staff.  

Frequency of Meetings 

  • The panel meets approximately once every two months. In between meetings the panel will contribute advice to specific projects as required.  


  • The Panel reports to the Board of the Commission via the CEO. 


  • The Panel is funded and provided with secretariat support by the Gambling Commission. 


  • These terms of reference will be reviewed annually in April to ensure they remain fit for purpose.

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