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A Day in the Life Of - Keith Bridges Account Manager Licensing

Keith joined the Commission in 2020 after a long and successful career in with the Post Office.

Since joining, Keith has managed the relationships between the Commission and over 100 operator accounts, whilst also engaging closely with licence holders - crucial work in terms of making gambling safer and creating relationships with licence holders.

Our Licensing team cover a variety of licence-related issues with both operators and personal management licence holders, mainly individuals and board members who oversee betting operators. The team, who are incredibly busy ensure that all licence conditions are being met and control the application and variation process which has recently moved to a much faster online portal. They also step in, working closely with our Compliance and Enforcement teams, when licensees don’t meet the Commission’s expectations.

What does a typical day look like for you and the Licensing team?

A typical day currently includes assessing licence applications and responding to requests and queries from operators. I am also continuing to develop my understanding of licensing whilst working closely with mentors, buddies, and my resource manager. I also take the time to catch up with my other new starter colleagues, and it’s great to be able to compare our experience in our new roles and what we are learning.

What work are you most proud of in your time at the Commission?

It’s still early days for me at the Commission, but I am most proud of successfully learning and negotiating my first four weeks of training and inductions via a multitude of skype calls! Getting to know a whole new bunch of colleagues has been great.

What are the biggest challenges the team faces in the future?

One challenge is that we need to be actively encouraging operators to make more use of the Commission website and e-services that we have available. This is particularly important in an increasingly digital age, there is a lot of content that operators are able to access instead of contacting the commission for help. It’s something we will continue to push and promote.

How are you planning to overcome them?

These challenges can be overcome by developing our relationships with operators and educating and encouraging them of the benefits of using the website and using our e-services. We are currently in the process of re-building and re-launching our website to make it accessible. It will be a great asset.

What are the key next steps you will be taking in the coming months to make gambling safer?

My relationships with operators mean we are on the same page and are willing to make gambling safer. Working toward the same outcome makes it a lot easier to achieve, and we are accomplishing this day by day. We can identify the higher risk operators and support and educate them with the aim of reducing the number of issues and service requests, thereby improving compliance whilst supporting timely prioritisation of work activities.