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Ways of working

Everyone here at the Commission has signed up to these standards, so we will:

  • Participate in 360 degree feedback
  • Include relevant questions in the employee survey
  • Seek informal feedback from colleagues at all levels of the organisation
  • Provide regular and ongoing feedback

We will show respect by:

  • Praising in public
  • Providing feedback in private – evidence based and constructive
  • Being courteous
  • Encouraging constructive challenge of inappropriate behaviour whenever we see it 
  • Showing interest and treating colleagues as we would want to be treated

We will be outcome focused by:

  • Putting customers at the heart of everything we do
  • Working at pace
  • Taking responsibility for an issue and moving it forward
  • Being focused on delivery – the ‘what’ but also the ‘how’ behaviours are equally important in getting the job done
  • Demonstrating collaborative working as a team

We will be visible by:

  • Walking the floor and engaging in conversation directly with colleagues informally

We will communicate well by:

  • Checking understanding and being clear on expectations and outcomes from the start
  • Demonstrating active listening and responding – explaining reasons for decisions
  • Showing self-control and poise, especially under pressure
  • Demonstrating trust in our colleagues to make decisions using their professional judgment

We will reach for ways to improve by:

  • Encouraging feedback and ideas
  • Showing commitment to continuous improvement and being open to trying different ways of doing things
  • Celebrating success and taking responsibility if, on occasion, things go wrong

We will endeavour to have fun by:

  • Contributing to the creation of a working environment which people enjoy
  • Encouraging people to enjoy their work and value spending time with colleagues