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Our people


Although we are a relatively small organisation we have big ambitions and we know the only way to achieve our ambitions is through our people.

These are some insights for potential employees on how we work, who we are and a little bit about the types of people we are looking for.

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How we work

We have a project and programme management approach. This means that we are keen to be accountable for delivering on the things we say we will and so our critical objectives within each programme area are delivered with a project plan in place.   

This means that it’s much easier for our senior team, function leads and programme directors to measure and manage progress and report back to our Board of Commissioners and Executive Board as well as DCMS and other key stakeholders.

Each department has a Programme Director to oversee their specialist area and lead the team. Within the team all individuals report to departmental Resource Managers, who operate as line managers.

We offer a support pool to all employees, the support pool is made up of a group of employees who can offer support and guidance with a more advisory and counselling approach to help in sensitive and/or personal matters.

All employees have an annual review and a development plan so that we can ensure we are working in a way that not only develops individuals but also the organisation as a whole.

Underpinning all of this we have a strong ethos of working inclusively and encouraging all employees to express opinions and share ideas through open collaboration. As part of our change programme we are currently working on developing our coaching mind-set so that we have the right conditions to allow innovation to flourish.  

We also feel very strongly about diversity, dignity at work and respect – we don’t just say it, we do it! As an employer we value all employee contribution and actively recognise individual and team success through accreditation, publicising achievements and giving credit where credit is due.

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