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Our Ways of Working

It’s only by respecting the contributions of colleagues that we’re able to learn and grow as an organisation and we are set on making the Gambling Commission a great place to work and putting our employees at the heart of helping us to make that happen. 

We have signed up to Ways of Working and also have a set of values that we believe strongly in.

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We all want the Gambling Commission to be a great place to work, a place where we are all:

  • supported and developed to do the best work of our lives
  • contribute ideas for continually strengthening the organisation internally, externally and reputationally
  • take personal responsibility for doing our best to reach our potential.

We all need to play our part if the Commission is going to achieve the ambitions we set ourselves in the strategy. The ways of working are designed to explain how we will go about our work, rather than the tasks we will carryout to achieve those ambitions.

They describe ‘the way we will do things around here’ and are intended to allow us all to ask ourselves: did I act in that way today (or this week or month)?

They will also be a key part of feedback about our individual and collective performance in the future.

Success is built on openness, accountability and collaboration. If we all work in a way that is consistent with our ways of working, success is inevitable.


  • We put consumers at the heart of everything we do
  • We take responsibility for an issue and moving it forward
  • We deliver results through working collaboratively

Reaching for ways to improve

  • We encourage feedback and ideas
  • We are committed to continuous improvement and are open to trying different ways of working
  • We celebrate successes and take responsibility when things go wrong


  • We recognise every colleague’s contribution
  • We give each other timely constructive feedback
  • We all encourage challenge

Communicate well

  • We are clear and concise
  • We listen and check our understanding
  • We explain the reasons for decisions

Making this a great place to work

  • We all help to make the Commission a great place to work
  • We value and support each other
  • We demonstrate a positive attitude

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