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Jessica Lang

Casework Investigator Jessica Lang

Jess joined the Commission just over four years ago, initially as a Licensing Manager within the National Lottery team and then as Licensing Investigation Manager.

‘In my role as Licensing Investigation Manager I specialised in enforcement matters. When an investigations role came up within the Casework and Intelligence team I saw this as an opportunity to enhance my knowledge of the wider gambling industry and related regulatory issues. I initially discussed this with my line manager and agreed it would be a useful learning and development opportunity. Internal and external candidates follow the same recruitment process – so I submitted my application and following a successful interview joined the Casework and Intelligence team in June 2016.’ 

She adds; ‘As an employer I think the Commission is very much open to staff making a sideways move and secondment opportunities often come along so staff can have a go at something new. 

‘I love the fact that no two cases are ever the same – from the diversity of topics and issues I investigate, colleagues I work with (both within and outside of the team) and the outcomes the Commission seeks to achieve – nothing is routine and you are constantly being challenged to apply your skills and knowledge and adapt your approach. The gambling industry does not stand still and nor do we!’