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Gary Audrain

Senior Licensing ManagerGary Audrain v3 

‘Having worked for a few years in the world of regulation, I knew that the Gambling Commission had a good reputation as a well-run, forward-looking business. I did some research on the website, and found I liked the values and consumer focus of the organisation, and the role appeared to offer opportunities to develop and work in a fast-paced and diverse environment - whilst speaking to my existing skill set. 

‘This wasn’t a huge departure from my previous working life. I have worked as a practising solicitor and so am comfortable working with complex documentation and procedures. Most recently I worked for another regulator, and so also felt comfortable in that environment and ‘talk the language’ so to speak. However, I want to get on and stretch myself at this stage of my career, and despite having very little knowledge or understanding of the gambling sector, I felt that the role and the organisation would provide me with that challenge and opportunity. 

‘Since starting, I have found without exception that colleagues at all levels have been welcoming, understanding of my limitations and generous with their time to help me get up to speed. The general atmosphere in the office is positive, and there are a lot of really switched-on people who are inspiring to work with. There is a good social scene and a real attempt to be inclusive and enjoy what you are doing, which has helped me to assimilate quickly and I really feel at home here. 

‘So what has surprised me most about the world of gambling?  The fact that the gambling sector is so diverse, and there are some very difficult issues to address. I work in the lotteries programme, and it can be difficult to balance the interests of the public to be able to engage with the lottery in a safe and fair environment; those of the government in the money that is generated for good causes, and our own objectives to protect players from the dangers of problem gambling - whilst ensuring that we have a successful and exciting national lottery for generations to come. It really gets the mental juices flowing, that’s for sure!’