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Brad Enright

Betting SpecialistBrad Enright

Brad started working for the Gambling Commission in late 2009 as a Betting Technical Compliance Manager. He is a classic case of ‘poacher turned gamekeeper’! 

‘Prior to joining the Gambling Commission, I worked for Ladbrokes starting as a part-time Saturday cashier in their shops through to running a group of shops across Leicester and surrounding areas. 

‘Since joining, I’ve had the opportunity to develop a range of skills and gain new experience in areas such as stakeholder management, policy development and compliance/enforcement work. This allowed me to progress to the post of Manager - Betting in March 2012 and later to Senior Manager - Sector and Thematic in August 2015.’ 

Brad doesn’t hesitate when asked what he enjoys most about working here: ‘I enjoy the challenge of regulating the gambling industry. My background and roles with the Commission to date have focused on assisting us as an organisation understand the gambling industry in order to help us be as effective as possible. 

‘Each day can be different' he continues 'from briefing the CEO ahead of a TV interview on eSports, meeting with industry trade associations, drafting replies to parliamentary questions, leading my workstreams to carrying out my role as a resource manager. That variety of work and the opportunities that I have been offered to develop whilst here sustain my interest.’