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Proposals to amend the machine standards for category C and complex category D

Start date: 4 February 2011
End date: 3 May 2011
Number of responses received: 32

As a result of this consultation, the Gambling Commission has now published Category C and complex D technical standards - responses - November 2011.

This consultation was on amendments to the technical standards applicable to category C gaming machines. The amendments relate to speed of play, live jackpots and game links.

The amendments were subject to EC notification, for which a period of 12 weeks was required before the amendments can become effective. This period ended on 7 November 2011. The amendments are therefore effective from 8 November 2011. 
Please note that additional guidance has been added to clarify the amendments to section 5.14 (game links). 

Category C and complex D technical standards consultation - February 2011