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Proposed amendments to LCCP


Start date: 12 September 2013
End date: 4 December 2013

Number of responses: 52 + 16 + 4

We conducted two consultations at the end of 2013 with proposed changes to Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP). The consultations included suggested amendments to licence conditions and codes of practice for both remote and non-remote operators. We also completed a short supplementary consultation in April 2014 on the reporting of suspicious activity report unique reference numbers to the Commission.

Following these three consultations, we have published the changes to LCCP in three parts, although these changes came into force at the same time (4 August 2014):

  • LCCP changes part one: published 31 March. This includes the majority of the LCCP changes applying to both non-remote and remote operators, such as those relating to complaints and disputes and information requirements.
  • LCCP changes part two: published 30 April: protection of customer funds. The revised provisions on this topic will apply to both remote and non-remote operators.
  • LCCP changes part three: published 30 April: This contains one change which applies to all operators, on the notification of suspicious activity report unique reference numbers to the Commission. The remaining changes are relevant only for remote operators and gambling software operators, such as requirements to use only gambling software supplied by licensed operators and changes relating to the display of licensed status, poker and other networks, and payment processors.

We have now published Licence conditions and codes of practice (consolidated May 2014) to incorporate all of these amendments.  Sector specific extracts have also been published.

As part of our ongoing process of reviewing our regulatory approach, we will be consulting on and implementing further changes to LCCP. These will include:

The proposed LCCP requirement to only obtain gambling software from a Commission licensed gambling software operator will come into force on 30 January 2015.

Original consultations:

Proposed amendments to LCCP for all operators consultation document - September 2013

Consultation on protection of customer funds

Supplementary consultation on submitting suspicious activity report unique reference numbers to the Commission



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