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Levels of problem gambling in Wales

We commissioned a survey on gambling behaviour for Wales. It provides a robust baseline on gambling activity in Wales. It will allow us to accurately chart changes in gambling behaviour including participation, the prevalence of problem gambling, and the prevalence of at risk gambling. 

Around 4,000 people were interviewed for the survey.

Interviews were conducted face-to-face in the homes of respondents, following the same procedures as those employed in the health surveys for England and Scotland.

This data will be important for anyone with an interest in gambling and public health issues.

Headline findings from the Welsh problem gambling survey 2015


of people gambled in 2015


of people in Wales identified as problem gamblers


of people in Wales are at low or moderate risk of developing problems with their gambling

A combined report containing results from the Health survey for England, the Scottish health survey and the Welsh problem gambling survey is scheduled to be published in Spring 2017.

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