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Gambling participation and problem gambling

Gambling behaviour is increasingly a subject of public health and policy interest. We regularly collect data on gambling both in terms of information about the consumer and about the method and frequency with which they gamble.

We collect participation data through quarterly telephone and online surveys and problem gambling data from the Health survey for England, Scottish health survey, and our Welsh problem gambling survey. We also monitor underage gambling using our Young persons survey.

This data provides the most robust information to date on gambling participation and problem gambling in Great Britain and provides a baseline for any future changes in gambling activity.

Gambling participation


of people have gambled in the past four weeks 


of 18-24 year olds have gambled in the past four weeks, emerging as the least likely to gamble


of 45-54 year olds have gambled in the past four weeks, emerging as the most likely to gamble.


of people have gambled online in the past four weeks

Problem gambling


of people aged 16+ in England identify as problem gamblers (2012)


of people aged 16+ in Scotland identify as problem gamblers (2015)


of people aged 16+ in Wales identify as problem gamblers (2015)

Our activity also supports the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board's (RGSB) objectives to advise on strategic priorities for research, education and treatment into minimising gambling-related harm. The RGSB sets the strategy for research priorities, with a programme of research being delivered by GambleAware

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