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Start date: 26 January 2017
End date: 21 April 2017


Hear our Programme Director, Richard Watson, explain more about this consultation in a short video 

This consultation sets out our proposals for a new vision for our enforcement action which will guide how we use our powers. It emphasises our expectations that gambling businesses put consumers first, and sets out proposals for credible deterrence.

Changes to our enforcement strategy consultation

Enforcement strategy consultation response form

Our approach to enforcement is currently set out in three key documents. They are:

  • Statement of principles for licensing and regulation
  • Licensing, compliance and enforcement, policy statement
  • Statement of principle for determining financial penalties.

We have reviewed each of these in line with our intention to:

  • place a renewed focus on consumers
  • put access to all of our enforcement tools on the same footing
  • emphasise to licensees the importance of timeliness and speed on their part during enforcement proceedings
  • give credit, in the form of reduced financial penalties, where licensees cooperate and make early admissions
  • treat repeat behaviour by licensees and within the industry, as a significant aggravating factor at the enforcement stage.

Within this consultation we have summarised the key changes we propose to each of the three documents, which are included as annexes. 

We have also produced a new document, also included within the consultation, called Indicative sanctions guidance. In this we set out a framework for decision making about regulatory enforcement and the sanctions that might follow.

*13 Feb 2017: We have made a small alteration to the introduction of this consultation just to clarify our ambitions for gambling consumers in Britain.